Top 5 Bromantic Films.

Here are my top 5 bromantic films. We all love a great action film with an underlining bromance between the two leads, these films are a nice easy watch, whether you are ill, have broken a leg or just a raining day in England ( so every day ).

These are my personal top 5, I have watched these movies too many times to count, each time I watch they just get better and better.

Point Break

This film is also in my personal top 10, it captures everything that you want in a high action film, double crossing, surfing, bromantic bonds and of course PEAK Keanu. The film follows FBI agent Keanu Reeves with the most manly name in the history of man, Johnny Utah. He is a undercover agent who is infiltrating a gang of surfers who have been robbing banks; what more would you want from a film. Alongside Reeves, his co-lead is Patrick Swayze who plays the charismatic surfer leader Bodhi and the bromance begins. If you like over the top action, great 90’s nostalgia and also Keanu jumping out of a plane without a parachute, then this is the movie for you.


Hot Fuzz

I could of choose any of the Cornetto Trilogy from Shaun of the Dead to The Worlds End but personally, Hot Fuzz is the best of the bunch and is a true bromance film. Big city cop Simon Pegg ( Angel ) moves to a small country village in England and ends up uncovering a secret cult-like society, with the help of his partner, rookie and highly excited film fanatic Nick Frost ( Butterman ). The film is full of high octane action with loads of action cliche’s and great comedic lines. The end shootout is still one of the best sequences in film.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Yeah, yeah I know you are thinking ‘How is this a bromantic film?’ well shut up that’s why. OK, so the romance does not really happen until the end of the film #spoiler. At the end of the film, after they have connected over the name of there mother, the romance blossoms as they fight Lex and Doomsday. Bruce and Clarks bromance blossoms from there, one of the oldest in comic book history. I really hope that we one day get to see them interact again on the big screen and lets face it Supermans death only increases the love Bruce has for him.


Pineapple Express

James Franco and Seth Rogen in a stoner comedy, what isn’t there too love? The two find them self entangled in a drug war and film is pretty paint by numbers from there. I feel like this film is pretty slept on compared to some other films in there repertoire, but if you still have not seen this I would really recommend it.


Wedding Crashers.

One of my fave comedies of all time. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan play friends that crash weddings to meet girls for fun and almost treat it like a sport, a really funny film, with great heart and comedy and lots of “wow” quotes from Mr Wilson. The film also features a very early performance from Bradley Cooper who plays the Jock boyfriend of Rachel Mcadams. Wilson and Vaughan are excellent in this film and you can really feel the bromance between the two of them.


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